April 2010


April is Merrie Monarch time, and I got to attend two nights of spectacular hula. Some of the best pictures, like the classic hula shot below, are in the kalani galleries.

hula kahiko


But there are lots of photos I like that aren't your standard glossy hula shot. This year I separated them here into pictures of men (kane) and women (wahine). And there is one gallery of sixteen pictures from one men's hula kahiko performance. They tell a story as a whole, but each picture tells its own story, as well...


a hui hou,        - Paul  

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men of hula
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wahine hula
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kane hula
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Malama Key
  • Malama Key
summer clouds
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firespinning magic
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kahiko 2009
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hula `auana 2009
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Pele dancing
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A smattering of pictures
  • A smattering of pictures
A garden of delights
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Fountains of Pele
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Pilgrimage to Mauna Kea
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  • images from here and there
Bamboo Farm - Maui
  • Bamboo Farm - Maui
stunning Kaua'i
  • stunning Kaua'i

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